"IT'S MY TIME" Quarantine Session Video - Special thanks to RA DIAZ from Suicidal Tendencies for joning us on BASS for this unique session!

This is an exclusive sneak peak into our upcoming album "WAKING UP" soon to be released!

"WAKING UP" Studio Session Video - Recorded at Maple Sound Studios during August/Sept 2019  /  Production by L.A. Video Drone

"BLOODLESS" - Studio Session

Recorded at Maple Sound Studios - August /Sept 2019

"ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS" - Sepultura Cover / Quarantine Jam.

A Collaboration with: KrashKarma, Sifting & The Ground Shaker.

"MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN" - White Zombie Cover / Quarantine Jam.

A Collaboration with: KrashKarma & Jasmine Cain. Featuring REYES.

Benjamin Lechuga - "WAKING UP" Guitar Solo

Benjamin Lechuga - "NO RISK" Guitar Solo

Yoyo Bianchi - "WAKING UP" Studio Session Drum Cam

Yoyo Bianchi - "BLOODLESS" Studio Session Drum Cam

A preview of our debut album "Waking Up"

A sneak peak into our lives... come join us!