Beckoning the generation of head-banging formative youth that initiated subculture grunge, Teravolt identifies with the raw high energy of guitar-heavy rock, allusive lyrics and notably pensive tempos. Their influence of classic and progressive sound combines a wide range of vocal harmonies and modern grit with a rush of unconventional nods to post-rock, nu metal and tribal latin groove.

Teravolt emerges from South Orange County California, a vision of drummer and percussionist, Yoyo Bianchi, who relocated from Santiago, Chile in the early 2000s. Bianchi later recruited the face-melting talents of fellow Chilean guitarist, Benjamin Lechuga, distinctive vocal frontman and Los Angeles native, Chaz Terra, wife, sultry singer/songwriter from New York, Heather McAndressand hellacious ground-shaker bassist of sunny SoCal, Andy Faust.

Their new album "Waking Up" is now available! Choose your preferred music service and play it loud!