Beckoning the generation of head-banging formative youth that initiated subculture grunge,  Teravolt  identifies with the raw high energy of guitar-heavy rock, allusive lyrics and notably pensive tempos. Their influence of classic and progressive sound combines a wide range of vocal harmonies and modern grit with a rush of unconventional nods to post-rock, nu metal and tribal latin groove.

Teravolt emerges from South Orange County California, a vision of drummer and percussionist, Yoyo Bianchi, who relocated from Santiago, Chile in the early 2000s. Bianchi later recruited the face-melting talents of fellow Chilean guitarist, Benjamin Lechuga, distinctive vocal frontman and Los Angeles native, Chaz Terra, and wife, sultry singer/songwriter from New York, Heather McAndress.

Chaz Terra


Lead Vocals

Yoyo Bianchi


Drums & Percussion

Benjamin Lechuga


Guitars & Bass

Heather McAndress


Lead & Backup Vocals

Gearing up for a pivotal year, Teravolt is currently in the process of recording their debut album “Waking Up”.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Eric Emery (Periphery, Skyharbor) at Apex Arts Studios in North Hollywood, CA.

The album released date will be announce soon!

A preview of our debut album "WAKING UP"

A sneak peak into our lives... come join us!